A Capacity For Limitless Serenity Poem by Charles Chaim Wax

A Capacity For Limitless Serenity

Rating: 5.0

Matilda Halbert pushed into Meng’s
at exactly five in the afternoon
with her red shopping cart
empty except for cardboard
covering the bottom making it perfectly flat.
Not tall to begin with her bent back
created a wee woman in her early seventies
without a spot of gray in her auburn hair.
Each day like clockwork
white rice floated into the cart.
At times, wonton soup, that mostly in winter.
We spoke
mostly about the weather
and especially about wind
which she didn’t like because gusts jostled her
making breathing difficult
If married, no ring,
perhaps the husband long dead
and if she bore children, no word of them.
Our brief conversations stayed put at the counter
as Matilda never dined in Meng’s
but through the timbre of her voice
I understood utter contentment.
The red cart the white rice
protecting her
and wonton soup
a bit of bliss
on winter

Charles M Moore 05 March 2006

Excellent story Charles, Like a pixel of your everyday life, Charlie.

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Ernestine Northover 05 March 2006

Another lovely story from you pen Charles. Your characters are so alive, and colourful. Loved it. love Ernestine XXX

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As ever, you bring everyday life into glorious existence for your humble readership! :) - thank you.

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***** ********* 05 March 2006

Your poems are one of the small things in my life that make me smile Charles. Limitless serenity comes is small packages, and they just keep coming. 10 from Tai

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Dana Bowen 20 July 2009

Your skill for imagery is wonderful! Thank you.

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a strong, character-driven poem, and touching at that. that you're able to glean so much from wonton soup shows your skill at focusing on particular things. i'd like to read more of Matilda.

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Mary Nagy 14 March 2006

Charles, I believe you've mentioned Mengs before........I always get the image of the diner on Seinfeld (I don't know why) in your poems. I love it. This woman seems to know what's important..........great poem. Sincerely, Mary

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Gina Onyemaechi 11 March 2006

Charlie, Matilda Herbert now stands to me as an example in being happy within oneself, whatever your lot. People-knowing writing from you as usual, Charlie. Warm regards, Gina.

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Anna Russell 06 March 2006

Wonderful story, great imagery and a well evoked character. All in all, pretty damned good! Hugs Anna xxx

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