A Friend Poem by Charles Chaim Wax

A Friend

Rating: 5.0

I got a call yesterday
About Gloria,74 years old,
From her sister,69, a smoker all her life
Plus drank a fifth of rum,
Everyone thought she
Would go first
But cancer demolished Gloria through and through.
Lucy and Lorenzo said I should send flowers
For fifty dollars
Such kind children
I sent a Mass Card for five because
How does the inside of a coffin breathe.

John Tiong Chunghoo 18 May 2005

well expressed. love it.

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Louise Marie Delsanto 16 November 2005

Another good expression of thought and word, Charles. I love the way your poetry tells 'slice of life' happenings.

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Setareh Ghanooni 21 November 2005

a poem must be like this: true, honest, full of live life although it be full of dead people, with verse which stick to you forever. Good luck, your style is like Charles Bukowski's which i adore (i mean both! !) thanks for your poetry!

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Bernard Snyder 04 March 2011

Very lovely poem. Well-written 'piece' mr.Charles. I'll read more when I return later. I also gave this a 10'.

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Jerry Hughes 14 July 2006

The incongruity of death. One lives, one dies. Who decides? Great poem...

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Mia Ocean 31 January 2006

It was kind of humorous....but yet sad.......exquisit! (i dont know how to spell that)

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Nimal Dunuhinga 19 January 2006

The death of a friend; sad but I found sly humour and the uncertainty through the whole poem specially the last line.Experimental! .........

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nicci Hopmann 16 January 2006

i absolutly loved your poem a very good poem! ! ! and i too loved your last line 'How does the of a coffin breathe' ~nikky~

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