A Monk And The Monkey- In Limerick Style Poem by Sheeya Hacks

A Monk And The Monkey- In Limerick Style

Rating: 4.7

There once was a monk with a frown,
who lived in a temple renowned.
but his life took a twist,
when a monkey he missed,
stole his prayer beads and skipped town!

The monk, filled with anger and strife,
chased the monkey throughout his life.
through forests and hills,
over rivers and rills,
their pursuit causing quite the strife.

With cunning and agility rare,
the monkey danced through the air.
dodging each strike,
with a cheeky delight,
leaving the monk in despair.

But one day, fate had a surprise,
when exhaustion befell the monkey's eyes.
the monk finally caught,
what he long sought,
and compassion replaced his fierce cries.

Realizing the creature's playful desire,
the monk's heart began to admire.
the monkey was lost,
seeking friendship and trust,
so the monk taught him peace and inspire.

They formed a bond so strong and true,
like brothers, in all that they'd do.
no more beads they'd chase,
instead, they'd embrace,
the joys of friendship, that's their value.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: patience,satire,inner peace,lessons of life
Bri Edwards 13 July 2023

rill: 'A small brook; a rivulet.' I'd try to avoid strife/strife, here and at home; I fail at home. ; ((( I have a word to replace strife by 'I'N NOT SHARING! ! ;)))

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Anil Kumar Panda 13 July 2023

Love can win anybody's heart, whether man or animal. Nicely Inked. Thanks dear.

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Brian De-Costa 16 July 2023

Playful money teasing and teaching monk. Greate write.

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Bri Edwards 13 July 2023

I forgot your title says 'In Limerick Style'. That could make your job more difficult! I mean to try to make some of my ideas for tweaking.

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Bri Edwards 13 July 2023

It 'feels' to me, Bri, that, (...as I think I felt about a last stanza in another of your poems) ..you've become careless at your ending. Perhaps you are too giddy re 'their' friendship? **** (4) stars. ;) bri

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Bri Edwards 13 July 2023

stanza 5: As far as I know, 'inspire' is not used as a noun. And I don't think it would make sense anyway. You are (perhaps) 'REACHING' FOR RHYMES. I'd suggest a non-rhyming word rather than a poor choice for a rhyme. ;)

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Bri Edwards 13 July 2023

(cont.) ..st.3 line 3: my 'strife'-replacement word would explain (along with other line 3 changes) what was doing the 'strike'-ing. I have suggestions for st.4, but I won't mention them. They are minor. (cont.)

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