A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood (Fourth) Poem by Almedia Knight-Oliver

A Mother's Collection: Tissues, Bones, And Blood (Fourth)

Rating: 3.5

Fourth Born

While they were carefully restoring
The damaged done to my sacred house,
I heard a whisper in my ear,
"Mother you have a baby girl."
I had thought I would have another boy and
would name him "Lanzy- granddaddy's name"

Like my first born, I asked myself, what to do with
This little pink bundle of joy
Oh my, a girl! Your dad jumped for joy for his
little girl born of my tears, tears, and pains.

Now a quarter century later- right before my eyes-
You've become a beautiful daughter, wife, mother, and sister.
Your passion to be and to do your best is evident in all of these.

As her mother, I learned from my daughter:
To be a good listener,
An astute debater who, some times, gets in the last word.
To be caring and compassionate.
Be her mother and another girl friend.
Our reign as the only females are evident in all of these.

Now allow me to present my gift to you…
Oh, how I wish to give you diamonds and sapphires;
Rubies and emeralds!
Sorry darling, those things I have not.
But have whole lot:
"my eternal unconditional love"

April 12,2006

Sunday, March 29, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: unconditional love
celebration of the birth of my only daughter

Almedia, at last a girl. You must have been over the moon! My Mother-in-law dressed by husband up in pink for about a year as she wanted a girl so badly. As I read on, you have learned so much from her, as I have from my daughter. The reign of females so appropriately stated too. Your last stanza is again wonderful. God bless you Almedia for caring for these beautiful children, your treasures, and I am sure they all 'love you to bits'. You deserve more than the 10 I can give you for your dedication to these bundles of joy. 10+++++++++++++++ Karin Anderson

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 06 July 2010

‘This little pink bundle of joy? ’ ~ Vow nice! ‘A mother learns much from her daughter: ’ ~ hmm ...indeed so…to learn from gen. next… Diamonds… sapphires… Rubies… emeralds ~ Are but …‘my eternal, unconditional love’ priceless gift galore…Mom’s flowething love for kids timeless and unalloyed… unblemished and immaculate…Mom is ’summum bonum’ [The supreme good in which all moral values are included or from which they are derived] I’ve leant it from you Ma’am…so much Mom’s self syncretizing with protoplasm with kid’s self …. Thanks for sharing Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Eternal unconditional love. Wow! What a beautiful mother you are, and blessed! Proverbs 31 second half is just for you!

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Claude H Oliver Ii 24 November 2009

A queen raising a queen. The reign of females is needed to provide a softening rain for the dry sands of arid men.

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 24 October 2009

REAL LOVE between mother and her child is the most precious thing in this life... the collection is so worthy, sooo lovely! Mother is the first teacher of her Children, is the well of love, compassion and wisedom... GOD bless you! ! ! PeaCe&LoVe Enigma/

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Beauty Philosophy 04 September 2009

An other touching piece, children are the best gift one can get in this world! You are blessed to have 4 children! They must fill your life with joy and satisfaction and your love for them is “ eternal, unconditional ” as you said...

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