A Nights Rest Poem by Leila Mass

A Nights Rest

Rating: 5.0

After a tiresome day
I lay on the cold, hard concrete
Staring at the stars, hoping to put my mind to rest
The faint cry of a dog for its owner, barely heard
The night is clear of clouds, so I count the stars
One by one until I have reached my limit
The smell of rain still lingers in the crisp air
Wind blows whipping my hair around my face
Leaves fall, kissing summer good-bye and preparing for winter
The night brings a little chill with it, raising bumps on my soft skin
Night is the most relaxing for me
Some go to sleep, others awaken
The undetectable cricket sings its sweet song
Many are blind to the worlds beauty, as it goes unseen
Whether east or west, north or south
We all see the same night sky
I observe the this sky, analyzing every detail possible
The almost black color and bright shine of the moon, if any
I go to sleep with the night in mind
Those are the times I get a nights rest

Gita Ashok 21 June 2010

Beautiful imagery here! This poem deserves a 10 for sure.

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