I Don'T Understand Poem by Leila Mass

I Don'T Understand

Rating: 5.0

I do not understand
Why there is racism
Why people commit hate crimes
Why innocent people die
But most of all, I do not understand
Why people are proud of hurting or killing someone
Because their skin color, culture, and race are different
What i understand the most, is the ocean
Beautiful waves that relax and calm you down
It gives warning of a storm
Ripping its way through the ocean
By sending an army of harsh waves
The ocean in civilized and welcoming...
Are we?

Gita Ashok 21 June 2010

The ocean in civilized and welcoming... Are we? What a beautiful comparison between man and the ocean here! Great work! Keep it up! I rate this one a 10++++++.

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Gengis Capote 11 October 2009

i think you would be most helpful joining Poets For Human Rights.com..ning.. i believe your poetry could make a positive impact for a good cause... enjoyed your poem...

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Gold Fish 10 October 2009

Nice contrast between the things you don't understand and something that you do. Confederate in the Attic By: Tony Horowitz Presents a unique perspective on the lingering prejudice in the southern United States.

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