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A Pain Looked Over

Rating: 4.8

I've been hurting for a while now
And I don't know what to do anymore
After all I've been through
Feels like I'd be better if I did give in

Because I know this pain will never go away
No one will ever see all that I hold inside
No one even tries to get close to me

Just laying here dying inside slowly

Pain twisting around in me
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I really liked this one.It described exactly how I feel at times.And you can't really tell anyone close to you how you feel.I tried one time and was told that I was being too dramatic.Since then I just say that they wouldn't understand.

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Greenwolfe 1962 01 April 2009

I agree with several others that you have a lot of wonderful phrases in this piece. Some of them are quite powerful in their impact on the reader. The reader wants to help you right now. Yours, is really a call to action. I think whoever reads it feels that way. GW62

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Angela Anna 28 November 2008

wow. i love this poem. 'Just laying here dying inside slowly Pain twisting around in me Inside and out pain is all around me No matter where I go or who I see' <- my favorite.

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*Trusting You* 28 November 2008

No one even sees the pain I hold inside I can cry a few thousand tears and no one would even notice I know of that... people think I am all happiness and giggles but really I have a lot of pain just hiden inside me. good job. Becca

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