Father... I Adore Thee... Poem by Tapashya Das

Father... I Adore Thee...

Rating: 3.5

I laid mine life before thee,
Lacking my words to state,
The abundance,
I love thee…
Thine blessings,
Mine access,
Thine blessing,
Mine acclivity
Forever with time,
Behold me alike infant I cried,
Hence thy ignorance frails me,
Could be mine declivity,
Singing my breath today,
Father I adore thee…

Acclaim to the world I loud
Thee mine beloved father,
Mine soul cries with elevated proud,
Thee forever a compassionate pal,
Thee forever an immortal principal,
Perennial is thy devoted efforts,
Beneath thy shade,
My fortune has behold
The placid comforts…
Me, a tiny little crop,
Thee, a Heavenly drop,
Shower me water with thy blessings,
And feed me up with love forever,
Let me grow tall like trees,
Hopes mine leaves of success,
Kiss the feet of thy
Singing mine breath today,
Father I adore thee…

Blessed I am,
With bounty of thee to me,
Grateful mine soul to Lord,
I the daughter to thee…
May thee live for immortal years,
May thee glow alike sun cheers,
Might I had hurt thee,
Guilty I am, mine soul today,
Eternally plead thee,
Hoping mine little eyes,
Let it bath thy feet
With its waves of tears…
My folded palms begs thee,
My bowed head prays thee,
Singing mine breath today
Father I adore thee…

In the crowd of discourage,
In the world of discrimination,
Thee mine role model,
Thee mine only
Symbol of inspiration…
Thy support accelerates my motion,
Thine devotion to me,
Fills my heart with boundless emotions,
Thy teachings molds me,
With art of living notions…
Thy hatred, mine fear,
Since I breathe in,
I am a child of thy care,
Alike Lord,
Mine soul compared thee,
Singing mine breath today,
Father I adore thee…

Dr John Celes 25 December 2013

A fine tribute to a dear father by way of praises and accolades, exposing his greatness that can never wane. But the little drop from the mighty crop shall too one day gain a similar glory non-stop. Time and grace of God will decide the D-day. keep writing always; khoob likthi hain; samai par kirthi aayegi dr john celes

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 23 December 2013

A great tribute to yor dad in shakespaerean style. Lovd yor poem. Pls coment my latest poem too.

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Gajanan Mishra 22 December 2013

loving and singing is life, I like the write.

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