A Prayer For My Sister

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May you live long!
And have a lot of happiness

May tears not come in your eyes!
But may a sweet smile be on your face

May you have a wonderful success!
But not pride in you

May you be humble to everyone!
And you will get everyone’s blessings

May you see the real beauty of life!
Not a fake beauty that spoils your mind

May you always dwell in my heart!
And I’ll start my wonderful journey from you

May you deserve what you want to be!
But not crush anyone’s feelings mercilessly

May your dreams be higher than sky!
And your love greater than the world

May you tackle all the obstacles boldly!
That makes you most frightened in night

May the Almighty protect you!
When you get stuck in a big dilemma

May you have wonderful ideas and views,
To shape the world,
And you be helpful to poor in their basic needs

May you be a light to the world!
May your light show everyone a beautiful way

May you make every relation stronger?
With birds, animals, Mother nature & people.

Sugathan R P 19 May 2020

Simple, delighting and disarming display of fraternal love and affection. Poetry is very dear to my heart. " We look before and after and pine for what is...." (Shelly) , " Alas that the Spring should vanish with the rose..." (Omar Kayyam) and " At springtide when apple blossoms...." (Oscar Wilde) are a few of my favorites.

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A beautiful poem and feelings and wishes to the beloved sister is created in this nice lines and it is very beautiful poem.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 07 February 2009

a wonerful tribute to a loving sister, quite evocative and passionate, tear gleans in eyes as when distanced, i love the sweet caring to sister, yet eloquently curved by remniscence,10+++++, well penned, thanks for sharing

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Dee Redwood 03 February 2009

Thank you for the privilege of reading your excellent poem. If you do have a sister, which I am sure you do, she must be very proud of you. You have a caring soul and beautiful words.

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