The Dead Love! Poem by Naima Ansari

The Dead Love!

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The sleepy morning woke up the sun
On that awful day of March 1,
I felt I had eternal sleep in eyes
For they were drooping enough to make me arise.

It was unlike as any other day
For in my heart was neither any mirth, nor any gay.
The only thing I carried on
Was sleeping on that deadly morn.

With my closed eyes I heard the cry
Of the aching heart that was about to die!
I jumped up from the real dream
'Your guy is dead', to me the God did scream.

Motionless, heartless and Luvless was i left
Cause he had played a tricksy theft,
I was aware that my man was ill
But didnt know that his disease would have him killed.

I was in so bad a grief of his death
While I could recall the promises we made,
That to visit the funeral of the lover
If one of us would die before the other.
Obeying our promise, I was breaking my oath
'Not to yell and cry' was agreed to both.

Alas! I had knowingly broken our promise
'Please don't convey this to him', Oh Divine Bliss!
Ah! Love be moderate; Allay thy ecstasy
For I don't wanna shed my tears again till eternity.

For a pinch of time we saw the world together
But I cheated you by opening my eyes at the haunting weather,
I could see the sun was losing its shine
And found that you had now turned divine
As you had plunged yourself from the heart of mine.

Monday, June 15, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Bharati Nayak 21 June 2015

Sad, pathetic and heart touching.But love can never be dead.It is living and shining in your heart.

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