A Question? Poem by Deepti Agarwal

A Question?

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The moment when I found my life, to
become as whole....i started growing
turning into a body.
I heard the words 'we're delighted to
hear the news' made me feel so
special and proud

I was lying in my own world
secured and protected;
slowly growing - moment by moment
sleeping and sleeping but still growing.

One day I was horrified
to find myself being
pulled into a tunnel
my warm world was becoming cold
and unbearable..
& I was forcibly being pulled away
from my home.

I came into a strange world
where there was this blinding light
and strange faces beaming bright.

They said I was born.
I felt I was torn.
Was I born?
Was I torn?

Feb 27, '08

Vaibhav Shah 02 April 2008

slowly growing - moment by moment sleeping and sleeping but still growing. when we live our life in comfort, we feel so.But a moment comes in man's life when all these joys and comforts are snatched away and we feel a kind of vacuum.Then comes the question of existence which you have asked so beautifully.Well done.keep it up.

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Kesav Easwaran 07 April 2008

born to get torn up and then to reborn... good poem, deepti

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Rani Turton 07 April 2008

Very nicely written. Thanks.

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Vidi Writes 06 May 2008

Born or torn Its life, a boon Keep apart the torn Count the fortune Will you not find one…? Yes… then you are at gain Look at those who don’t even have one! ! I know the above lines are Words magic and consolation Still when you think wiser … ‘Attitude’ is the power Is both the fact and fiction. I hope this will quench a little Thirst in that question...

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Mamta Agarwal 23 May 2008

well written Deepti. even when we grow up sometimes we wish we crawl back to the safety of mother's womb.10 for this

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 23 December 2009

thanks deepti for your comments on 'a soul' part 1...torn or born..a good question...mother's warmth common in both poems...the soul is there right from conception which i missed..you have it...the mother introduces everything to the child...even its own soul

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right from conceiving to delivery welcomed by relatives...may be we do feel strange and that's why we cry...the mom's touch is its only warmth...written beautifully

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it is worth attracting points rating 10

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ya reality realised when gained conciousness

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Reshma Ramesh 10 November 2008

haha......thoughts of a newborn.......well penned

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