Michael L. Hauser

A Quote From Adam - Poem by Michael L. Hauser

I am a new born
trying to grow up today.
My soul is old, my body aches with age,
my surveillance comprehends all.

I am in love with many.
I embrace no one. I am alone.
I am staring into space, where your eyes meet mine and then escape off into the world to explore the unknown and hide
from the known.

Meeting and greeting the many faces of God.
For crying out loud. For crying out loud.
I repress, digest and sicken myself to sleep and awake again and again into your pupils staring directly into my cortex.

Absolute intimacy arises out of nothing and crumbles into ashes to be spread about the cosmos as crying sounds of children echo in my perspective as I frolic in the sand box of confusion.

The walls I place in front of me, behind me, below me, in between me
create a space. Emptiness, and you, are on the other side.

Time and time again I meet up with you or another, my mother, my father, my brother, my lover, my friend,
there is no end.

I find familiarity with you. Although I fail to know you.
However, I trust you.
Our walls are similar.
Hard, strong and thick. Balancing against the cool brick, I confess my absorbed dark horrors to you God.

There is no transformation. All things remain the same. Over time and time again, some of the walls turn to cascading water falls leading me to vast joys, majestic love and exceptional pain as I observe you at another shared wall.

Falling to my knees I bleed the confessions of a sinner.
Turmoil boils inside, deep surrender.
I can no longer defend myself. Weak with age, but with
powerful wisdom I reside to accept this final fare curtain.
And choose to end my death by continuing to repose my spirit against the fort.

Boundaries are near and with fear I discharge a whisper with aging grace, to the great wall of knowledge, like a therapist, for it knows me best and I ask,

have I loved another?

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poem Edited: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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