Mr Snowman Poem by Ernestine Northover

Mr Snowman

Rating: 4.9

All alone, a snowman stands, staring out at the world.
What a life!
Short, cold, freezing really,
rigidly waiting for the 'melting' feeling to arrive.

The children have made him as comfortable as they can.
A nice bright red check scarf, a carrot nose, which he can nibble on, if he gets a bit peckish!
Nice black velvet hat, which he feels is worth having, cos it makes him feel important, and keeps his head warm!

They usually build him a friend, someone he can chat to, but not this year.
Apart from a robin who sings, way up above his head, in the holly bush, he's alone,
and time hangs heavily upon him, especially when the long nights descend.

But, he's just a snowman, a no-man,
yet he gives the children such pleasure, which cheers his chilly heart
and makes his 'life' worthwhile.

© Ernestine Northover

Mary Nagy 03 December 2005

Oh I'm going to feel sad for snowmen too? You are such a softy! Very fun little tender poem. Sincerely, Mary

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Joseph Daly 03 December 2005

Beautiful work, Ernistine so warm that the poem melts into itself.

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Andrew Blakemore 18 September 2008

A very sweet and heart-warming piece Ernestine. Love, Andrew x

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Alison Cassidy 20 July 2007

Ernestine, I love this piece - you capture the bitter/sweet reality of your subject with a soft brush and gentle humour and yet your line 'he's just a snowman, a no man' rings a very serious bell indeed. A beautiful poem indeed. love, Allie xxxx

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Duncan Wyllie 03 April 2006

The beauty of simplicity is perhaps the greatest gift of all.Love Duncan

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Emma Johnson 15 March 2006

And the world teems with living snowmen whose loneliness is only alleviated by love or pleasure they give to others. I love the metaphorical edge to this poem. Susie.

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Shannon Chapel 09 December 2005

Ernestine, Beautiful and sweet. Well done. Shannon

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