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A Country Girl In Love - Poem by Tiku akp

You don’t have to go to the dale
To find her playing with a butterfly;
She would hide from you
As she is young and shy;

You can’t see her among trees and bushes
For she does not stay in a place;
Just track down her in fields
On her head she has done a new lace;

She may be on the hill, sitting on stone
And staring at the sky in a pensive mood;
She has been going there to watch
The flitting clouds since her childhood;

Yonder at the edge of dale you can see
Her squatting by the river side playing;
With sands, snails and pebbles
Watching the boats as they go down gliding;

Sometimes I watch her lithely tread
The narrow paths across the desolate field;
Her eyes looking for someone
Where the green crops wild flowers yield;

She is lost in herself and wanders through
Vales, forests, hills and hot desert;
Singing, dancing, laughing and murmuring
No one knows what is in her heart;

Sometimes they think she has met
Someone somewhere in those lonely lands;
Who fell in love with her and promised
To return and would ask her for her hands;

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  • O Poet Me Poety (12/21/2017 2:17:00 AM)


    Anil Kumar Panda (12/21/2017 5:19:00 AM)

    Ok I know you very well. Thanks.

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  • (11/29/2017 5:35:00 AM)

    A lovely poem dear poet with scintillating poetic expression! I would love to quote some fascinating lines here, You can’t see her among trees and bushes/For she does not stay in a place/Just track down her in fields/On her head she has done a new lace'. Loved the piece of work! (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (11/29/2017 9:39:00 AM)

    Thanks very much Sir for support. Appreciated.

  • (10/10/2017 11:58:00 AM)

    So beautifully expressed. really enjoyed reading this poem today. (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (10/11/2017 10:16:00 AM)

    Feeling happy with your comment. Thanks very much.

  • Pratik Rajani (9/1/2017 1:24:00 PM)

    Great work..!
    Check out my poem SUN AND PLANET..
    (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (10/11/2017 10:15:00 AM)

    I am glad you liked it. Thanks a lot. Yeah I am going to read your poem.

  • Raj Arumugam (8/27/2017 9:44:00 PM)

    beautiful nature imagery and message, Tiku... (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (8/28/2017 6:59:00 AM)

    Great to receive a comment from you Sir. Honored. Thanks very much Sir.

  • Anzelyne Shideshe (7/20/2017 11:44:00 AM)

    Great piece, I enjoyed the imagery.keep on. (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (8/28/2017 6:58:00 AM)

    I am glad you liked this poem. My hearty thanks.

  • (6/30/2017 9:31:00 AM)

    spellbinding. It is enigmatic. (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (8/28/2017 6:57:00 AM)

    Thanks very much for reading and comment Sir. Regards.

  • The Poet Poet (6/15/2017 12:35:00 PM)

    Such lovely imagery can be conceived b a lover only she flies away like a butterfly you say it may be warm in the month of May she dashes to the deserts feels deserted maybe to the top mountains awaiting a her a hermit maybe she is going around in circles only poverty is her ordained gift could be she s in everlasting search of a lover only who would be enchanted by her beauty only maybe If you were also in love with her she'd accept you lovingly confusion of mind a gal does find guys running only for one thing sad no love can anyone define she is a lovely gold mine may be she one day becomes thine (Report) Reply

    The Poet Poet (6/16/2017 1:05:00 PM)


    Anil Kumar Panda (6/16/2017 7:45:00 AM)

    Glad that you liked it. thanks very much for taking time to read and lovely comment. Gratitude.

  • Stuart Munro (5/15/2017 4:41:00 AM)

    Love this poem beautiful writing (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (6/16/2017 7:44:00 AM)

    Honored. Thanks for reading and comment Sir.

  • C. P. Sharma (4/25/2017 11:13:00 PM)

    Beautiful, it reads like 'Solitary Reaper'. (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (6/16/2017 7:44:00 AM)

    Thank you Sir. My regards.

  • Nanda Kishore (3/17/2017 12:33:00 PM)

    Sometimes they think she has met
    Someone somewhere in those lonely lands;
    Who fell in love with her and promised
    To return and would ask her for her hands

    Did the country girl get her lover? Really magnificent poem
    (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (3/18/2017 9:59:00 AM)

    Hi brother! ! Thanks for reading and giving wonderful comment.

  • Sylva-onyema Uba (2/27/2017 1:04:00 AM)

    A poem exploring love
    A desire and longing to love.

    Nicely written and communicated.

    Sylva-Onyema Uba
    (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (3/18/2017 9:57:00 AM)

    Nice to know that you liked it.My regards.

  • Kenneth Maswabi (2/15/2017 2:24:00 AM)

    A Country Girl in Love
    A lovely poem with a tinge of sadness. She is yearning for Love...but is it real or imaginary? is she lost? may someone find her...and fulfill her desires. Thanks. (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (2/15/2017 5:44:00 AM)

    Yeah you are right. the actual meeting has been kept a suspense for the reader to guess. thanks for reading and giving comment.

  • Chinedu Dike (2/8/2017 8:25:00 PM)

    Piece of elegance with rendition of words to utmost justice. Lovely poem written beautiful rhyme scheme. Thanks for sharing. (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (2/9/2017 6:13:00 AM)

    I am glad you liked it and thanks for nice comment.

  • Elora Leanor (1/2/2017 12:13:00 AM)

    True Love
    Waiting... a very nice theme! Girl in love with her beau and waiting for him to come back... (Report) Reply

  • Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh (12/4/2016 6:50:00 AM)

    A nicely worded version of a country girl which gives an invaluable sight in my mind.Well done Anilji. (Report) Reply

  • Baharak Barzin (11/15/2016 10:40:00 AM)

    Lovely poem you showed a pure love so great (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (11/15/2016 9:19:00 PM)

    Thanks very much for taking time to read and comment. Much love.

  • Diane Montemayor (10/27/2016 8:39:00 AM)

    Dear Sir Anil,

    Lovely poem...it paints thousand words to describe the feelings of being inlove.
    Thanks for sharing....memories, uh memories of the past...

    (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (10/27/2016 10:00:00 AM)

    Thanks Diane for taking time to read and giving comment. Appreciated.

  • Atasha Williams (10/10/2016 9:11:00 AM)

    Awwwww. this is a lovely breathtaking poem, I can see an feel each word. Excellent work! Big 10! (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (10/11/2016 3:03:00 AM)

    Thanks very much Atasha! ! Thanks for lovely comment.

  • Rebecca Navarre (10/5/2016 11:18:00 PM)

    This poem just stole my Heart! ! ! I'm speachless and swept away by its Deeply Moving Beauty! ! !
    Thank You so dearly for sharing! ! ! ! ! ! 10+++++++++
    (Report) Reply

    Anil Kumar Panda (10/6/2016 11:42:00 AM)

    Hi Rebecca.... I am glad that you liked the poem. Thanks very much for taking time to read and giving comment. Much love.

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