A Rotten Apple Spoils The Whole Barrel, A Bad Monkey Is Dangerous For The Group... Poem by Sando Hussam

A Rotten Apple Spoils The Whole Barrel, A Bad Monkey Is Dangerous For The Group...

Rating: 4.9

A rotten apple spoils the whole barrel,
a bad monkey is dangerous for the group,
for they can cause chaos and peril,
and leave everyone in a state of troupe,
their mischief and mischief-making ways,
can bring the whole troop down,
causing the group to fray,
and leave them all with a frown.

So beware of the monkey who's bad,
for their actions can have grave effect,
and if their behavior makes you mad,
It's time to show them the proper respect,
for a good monkey is a valuable member,
of a successful troop that thrives,
they're essential to help the group endeavor,
and ensure everyone survives.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: satire,satirical,satire of social classes
Bri Edwards 16 June 2023

A group of monkeys, good or bad monkeys, may be called a troop, a troupe, or a tribe according to my research. I find nothing online to suggest (to me) that 'troupe' is used correcctly in this poem.

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Sando Hussam 17 June 2023

Thanks Brian for for elaborated comments on this poem, I am happy you read it and felt like leaving your views. Though many of your comments are yet to be posted here.

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Bri Edwards 17 June 2023

(cont.) I'm assuming Sando deleted some comments I made, which kind of disappoints me, but it's ok if that is why i don't see them here now. : ) bri

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Sando Hussam 20 June 2023

All are there you may refresh you screen with Ctrl + R you will be able to see them, Hopefully.

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Bri Edwards 17 June 2023

I THINK I sent Sando (formerly 'S L') several more comments on June 16. I don't see them now, but I got messages from him addressing my remarks. (cont.)

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Sando Hussam 20 June 2023

Formerly S H not S L..

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Sando Hussam 20 June 2023

I can see as many as 9 comments by you on June 16, Ask PH WHY you are not able to see them, I can see all of them.

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Bri Edwards 17 June 2023

Sando sent me: 'I am uncertain about the usage of 'to show them the proper respect' in America. In Asian countries, particularly those that were colonized by the British, it is employed as a form of mockery to indicate 'to put them in their rightful position. ''

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Nice satire. Pertinent commentary on today's world

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James McLain 16 June 2023

Is America truly in decline, by who and why?

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