A Sacrifice Once Again Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

A Sacrifice Once Again

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You did it once again
It was not for position to regain
It was pure sacrifice
We sincerely mourn your demise

Your are brave soldiers of holy land
You considered foe as friends
You were deployed there to protect the frontier
You were deployed there as soldier

We all slept here with peace
You were torn there in pieces
Daily some of you were dying
It was willingness for laying

You were paid from treasury
You had all pains and misery
How much hardship and difficult way?
We had glimmer of hope and ray

O, brave sons of the soil
You stand there for enemy’s attempts to foil
You live under constant fear and fire
We have no words for you to admire

What else can we do for you?
Is it not equally right and true?
We can see the reason through
You are there not for us to woo

You have opted to stay there
You could stay in comforts here
You have all the freedom to go else where
You have chosen that path true and fair

Nation may remember your true service
No words can supplement or suffice
It is only your dedication that may speak
You are strong and not merely weak

You have all the options open
You can come back and life re open
It will be possible only when
Peace and tranqulity prevails then

We speak true words from our heart
For you it maybe beginning or start
There lies complete open path
There is always danger and bloodbath

How many bullets may be piercing through?
How many may be incapacitated too
It is daily scene of the day
There lies dangerous way

We don’t hesitate to pass the remark
Nation may be poised to embark
It may scale new heights with glory
The page may be re written with different story

You blood may not go in vain
It will always be our pride main
You will rule and guide our destiny
We have attained freedom after great struggle or mutiny

You may shine in sky as bright star
You may remain with us and not so far
You may twinkle there and inspire
We have no words except to admire

You may live long as stars and sky
Our land and sky will be open to fly
It is your valiant effort and try
We raise our head with pride and not feel shy

Maulin Shah 24 July 2010

You did it once again It was not for position to regain It was pure sacrifice.. great courage....10

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Chand Shikari 12 July 2010

t was pure sacrifice We sincerely mourn your demise.... yes courageous act....10

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Hans Vr 09 July 2010

Nice write. The soldiers go there full of ideals and so sadly sometimes do not make it back. Famlies torn apart. I am sure if the families read your poem it will feel them better. It may be a good idea to send this poem to the websites or email addresses of armies so they can forward it to parents of soldiers of different nations who died in the war. It will be heart warming to them.

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Chand Shikari 08 July 2010

You did it once again It was not for position to regain It was pure sacrifice We sincerely mourn your demise....... only soldiers can perform this.....10

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