A Safe Haven Poem by Jean Dament

A Safe Haven

Rating: 5.0

There are times when I feel like I'm adrift out at sea;
Where I'm floating upon life's troubled waters;
And then just in time you're there to rescue me,
Leaving me to wonder why you even bother,
But your constant love is like a beacon in plain sight;
That keeps me safe through life's many storms,
Ever present you shine your light both day & night,
Whenever my fears & doubts would consume & leave my soul all torn,
Your strength bridges over all empty space
Where I could possibly stray,
Then I'm no longer frozen in time, but dwell now in a secure place;
Because you have given me a Safe Haven, where I shall forever stay.


Char Pattrick 24 September 2009

I like this one a lot..... 'Because you have created a Safe Haven, where I'll forever stay' I would have thought about this Because you have given us a Safe Haven, where I shall forever stay They are only my thoughts, i still think what you have written is graceful and elegant!

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Myrtle Thomas 24 September 2009

This is a great inspiring poem of strength either in Faith of our Lord or a deep friendship, possibly even the strength through a great marriage.Wonderfully written.Grand read

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Ric Bastasa 20 September 2009

very comforting poem indeed. i like it very much.

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