A Perfect Love Poem by Jean Dament

A Perfect Love

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Our love was a perfect one that has now been put to sleep;
As we once did cherish one another, but it couldn't keep,
We were to marry,
But instead it became a burden we must now carry,
Time ran out on our youth back then;
And forever from us stolen,
But our memories will still uphold us on throughout life,
Even though there might be strife,
Our perfect love therefore still lingers & lives on,
No errors have marred our way & it's not really gone,
But instead remains within each of our hearts;
While our separate lives today keep us apart.

Jayatissa K. Liyanage 06 November 2016

A perfect love can linger on and live, whilst lives remain separated. Very true. Thanks for sharing.

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Dear Jeannie, I hope you will always find time and a way, even if brief messages, to keep in touch with those you care for and who care for you. 'I know no ends, only beginnings' God Bless

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Stacey Watts 31 October 2009

This was a very nicely written piece. Very sadly written and emotional. Excellently expressed.

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Myrtle Thomas 28 October 2009

I have to agree with Patricia on this some loves are not to be, but that can't take them out of your heart for we loved them for a reason.I found this a recollection to my memories.Thanks Jean

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Patti Masterman 26 October 2009

Haunting words in your poem about a lost love. When we are young, for some reason we think all love is forever and can't conceive of it ever coming to an end. Too bad we all have to grow up eventually..(smile)

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