Written In The Sand Poem by Jean Dament

Written In The Sand

Rating: 4.7

Upon the golden shores of history written in the sand lies our poetry,
Some of our poems will linger there only for a short period of time;
While the most meaningful ones will leave a lasting imprint upon another's heart & mind,
Our deepest expressions, thoughts & feelings are quite fragile gifts;
That are imparted from our hearts with purity & vulnerability,
Some will remain tangilble like shells gathered from the beach;
While others will simply drift to be washed up on the shore;
And many of our efforts will just get buried in the sand,
Good ones are saved & loved much like a pirate's treasure that has been found,
Then again others could be considered something like fleeting ships passing in the night;
And some are best tossed out to sea to be forever swept away,
Hopefully though our poetry creates come concrete footprint;
That we leave behind us; as we venture on in our artistic walk through life.


Ann Beard 14 July 2010

Well expressed and written with a gentle hand. Thank you.

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Myrtle Thomas 18 December 2009

Wonderfully said Jean, I often think as I'm writing will it be read? will it touch someone? will it be a favorite to someone.And mostly I wonder is it poetry.You have touched my heart as I read this for my thoughts are like yours.I thank you for your lovely poetry.

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