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A Second Chance

Rating: 4.2

He looks up in the sky and asks God 'Will you please shine on me? '
He's restless because he knows there's a brighter pathway ahead
With tears in his eyes he tells God I wanna live for you and only you
You are the sun in my life
Even when its cloudy outside
You know me inside and out
God you even sent your son to die for my sins
It took me so long to even understand your love for me
But now I know that my sins are wrong and they were crucified on that cross with a sinless perfect man named Jesus Christ
So dear God thank you for life for giving me a second chance

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Sam Edison 13 July 2009

Actually I thought that this was good. With a very important subject matter. You come to learn that sometimes you think a poem isnt that good and then people think its your best happened to me plenty of times

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Shashendra Amalshan 12 July 2009

well i think you v great chance of achieving glory friend! ! ! ! ! nice write indeed! ! ! with love shan

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Ashley Davis 10 July 2009

I think you did an awesome job! I agree with everything you said in this! keep it up! =) give it a 10!

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