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A September Day

It's still a little hot outside... I walk alone beside the seaside Just to look at all kinds of people... I see the pretty sea as calm as any pretty image... Some broken stones are left on that pretty part where people Usually stand... Some people came close to that seashore to put their barefooted legs In the sea's water... Some fishermen were seen fishing along the rocky side of the seashore And their baskets got some fish... Some boats are still in the water, but Nobody seen inside them... On the main street, You feel people walking on eggs instead of roads or streets... Some people throw themselves in front of you... Life is pretty over there and no one pays attention to others... A lot of traffic and a lot of busy cars are seen here and there... Some people are still sitting on the sides of that long cornich... The pretty sun throws itself on the sea's water like Two lovers embracing and hugging themselves endlessly... September is a pretty month for all people and for all tastes... It's still in the middle of that September day... Nothing prevents people from going outside except That hot day... The day goes on unaffected by anyone or anything... ______________________________________________________________________

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life