Kasia Fedyk

A Short Strory, Sipping Coffee - Poem by Kasia Fedyk

I like the sense of just being, for a little while at least, maybe
reading something moving no matter what it is, and where you can find it. I have noticed that
these days the paper has nothing good to say
so I don't read it.
I am sipping coffee while talking to you, hope you don't mind,
the coffee is good, I might say, these days I need sugar
use to drink it black.
I just looked out the window, I see so much, the best part
about it, is that it truly is one of the things that calms me down, a breath of serenity, just staring at something, especially the nature.
I could sit and I can be absolutely mesmerized by the way a tree is shaped or how it walks, yeah, it does, I'm telling you.
Have you ever really just sat there for a while and thought about everything, well, I bet you did but does anything makes sense sometimes, like what do you do when someone disturbs your peace, digging in the attic and wants to live there again,
I for sure don't, sometimes you just got to say goodbye and let it go, its part of life,
you listen to your heart at least most of the time but you have to consider your head got a lot to do with it too, oh yes it does,
right wrong, left right
which way to go, yellow road, or the blue one you think got it all figured out,
hold on a second, the phone is ringing... brb,
sorry, I'm back, wrong number, figures
where was I, oh, yes, well,
so got some choices to make, you made a plan, a reasonable choice, you spoke with God about it and you make your move,
its your decision right? you chose the yellow road, turned right and the right was correct so that's that.
well, somewhere along the way the left comes out and the wrong shows up, and the blue road that you tried so hard to avoid returns,
that's life the colors sometimes just want to blend, even though you did not take it again, you just don't want to go there anymore,
what I'm saying is: do you feel that at this time and age,
everyone seems to very badly to be in complete control of something, someone, where is the freedom for God sake,
they just don't want to let it be, maybe I'm selfish in a way but it takes a bit of understanding to realize some things,
we all want happiness and to smell flowers all the time,
it's not gonna be that way,
some smell you are allergic to just comes back and like a leach wants to attack what ever left of you there is, moments like that are truly not easy,
gotta tell you something through out the years I found myself, discover things about me I did not know I had,
life has thought me much, you can say the same I know we all ride this train called life and one of my favorite quotes from 'Forrest
Gump' Oh God I loved that movie!
is 'Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get' truth spoken from a very wise man, I have great admiration for him.
So you live your life the best way you can, every day and every day you find something new, learn something new about yourself, about others, your connection to God gets stronger, couldn't have it any other way and there is always something more,
never ending search, experience, the essence of everything around,
we see, we look, we feel, we smell, we decide, we take chances, we pray, we help someone in need, and the greatest reward of all is love, that's what it's all about we could sit here and discuss this forever but its not much to say cause love is the key, if you feel it, you become it, you start to breath it, you write it, you sing about it, you live it, its the most precious of all things nothing else can come close, you can sweep the garbage take it out do what ever you want but if you throw love away you are a poor men, really poor.
Almost done with my coffee, I will sit here for a while longer, maybe just love some more but I have to confess to you, writing is my best friend, it creates something with me, it heals me and makes me see things in a different way, its my teacher haaaa,
oh yes, another thing I want to say to you while at it, take a
deep breath and dance with love, its worth it, believe me, no matter whats going on in your life, just like in mine, dance with love.
See you! ... Love....

See you...Love..

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  • (6/19/2012 4:21:00 AM)

    lyrical stream of consciousness........ (Report) Reply

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  • (6/18/2012 4:59:00 PM)

    Beautiful communicative verses. some thing we could relate to. Instead of coffee it would be just tea for me! Loved it. (Report) Reply

  • Shahzia Batool (6/16/2012 1:42:00 AM)

    The arresting title opened the door of the great stream of consciousness in free verse form...dramatic, n involving scribe! ! ! (Report) Reply

  • Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr (6/15/2012 9:32:00 PM)

    Impressive prosaic style verse....Well done, indeed! ~FjR~ (Report) Reply

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