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What a gift it is to inspire
even with no desire
one heart holds another, so dear
in a Glorious embrace
as if filtered air
traveled in time
to its destination
weaves a beauty of unknown kind
we may not know this mystical ways
and magical powers
the only thing remains
so alive and sacred
is the unseen part
of experience itself
you know, like a tender whisper
somewhere without a recognition
you may feel it once
when the wind crosses your path
and plays with your hair
but untangles a melody
so it touches you with hands not seen
I may say that, i may
as the only description that I may be aware of
yet it lingers in deeper thoughts
of consciousness
so we may travel here to destinations
so dear to us
we long for them every moment
as we sleep in the night hours
and the wolf is awake
sending his vice upon the moons gaze
it is all about inspiration
touching the notes not yet discovered
traveling the veins injecting its power
with a potent venom
inspiration they write about
in the books, we all read them
trying to touch those parts
belonging to the ravens
that sing their songs
discovering the tunnels
to everlasting songs
sang so well with just nurturing sounds
~capturing nothing more
Friday, July 20, 2012
Dr Antony Theodore 25 May 2016
one heart holds another, so dear in a Glorious embrace is the unseen part of experience itself it is all about inspiration... touching the notes not yet discovered...... i was reading closely your poem and tried to collect the wonderful line which touched my heart....... this is a lovely poem. poem about inspiration inspired me really. thank you dear poet. tony
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Chinedu Dike 28 May 2015
Lovely piece on capacity to inspire and the essence of inspiration. Beautifully penned in poetic diction with conviction. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
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Robert Beck 28 July 2012
Thank you Kasia, I felt your beauty when I read this..........
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great inspiration, am bless.
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Savita Tyagi 24 July 2012
Such beautiful poem. This poem makes us aware of all the little things that inspire us but go unnoticed. it's a delight to read this poem. Kasia you are wonderful!
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Heather Wilson 23 July 2012
This poem is a great inspiration, .... touching the notes not yet discovered, .. wonderful.
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Hamid Negah 21 July 2012
Kasia, your poems really have strong inspire to draw me to read it more and more.
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Valerie Dohren 21 July 2012
There is so much inspiration to be acquired through your work Kasia, and also from all other great writers.
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Neela Nath Das 21 July 2012
I also feel like friends are my inspiration. I wrote many poems getting inspired by them.Loved Kasi, your present work.
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Hans Vr 20 July 2012
This is a fantastic poem. It feels really good to be inspired and it feels even better if we can be a source of inspiration to others, even without knowing it. I think that is what real happiness is made of, to be inspired and to inspire as many as we can. Too many people believe that people talking or writing about their own good deeds are boasters. Too many people feel they have to hide the good they do. That is perhaps why the kindness movement is taking off so slowly. Anyhow, the increase in kindness and inspiration in this world is an exponentional process, initially accelerating very slowly but after reaching that critical point accelerating faster and faster. Yes, I agree very much with the captain, this is a very inspiring poem, Kasia. Congrats.
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