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A Single Identity

Rating: 2.4

Notwithstanding how you view the morn,
Or see the sunrise and the dawn,
Over the high mountain Alps,
Or over the vast blue sea, or desert sand,
The sky shall be and always retain,
Its one single identity!

Notwithstanding how you share your
Or break it up into many parts,
And share its love with many or few,
Your heart shall be one and the same,
A single heart it shall remain!

No matter how you live this life,
Through your childhood, manhood and
old age,
And live through all its different stage,
Your life shall be one, just the same!
Since only one life is your due,
Live it well and then bid adieu!

Let us then share our lives and our hearts,
As we share the sky with life on earth,
And with mankind let us maintain,
A single identity forever retain!

Pink Butterfly ... 02 February 2009

I love the flow of this poem... Really lovely!

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Mamta Agarwal 23 December 2008

we have one life and ought to live it the fullest. let us share our lives and our hearts as we share the sky with life on earth and with mankind let us maintain asingle identity forever retain... no place for hypocrisy. so lovely, thought provoking with touching imagery.10 Mamta Happy new year Raj to you and your family.

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