** The Art Of Living Poem by RAJ NANDY

** The Art Of Living

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Living life is a serious matter, I was told
in my early days,
To live this life properly one must amend
one’s ways!
Seeds must be sown and nurtured, before
the plant can grow to bloom, -
The art of living must be learnt, for it to
become a boon!
One must also look for something beyond
and above, -
With faith, hope and charity, - seeking
God’s love!
And soon you shall get addicted to living, -
Forgetting all your doubts and misgivings!
Though these platitudes all sound very true, -
But there comes a time in a man’s life, -
When life simply starts to overtake you! !
Like a philosopher now I sit and write and
also meditate, -
Writing verses about the art of living, - as I
Poetry has become a full time job as I sit and
write my verse, -
Happy with this mode of living, before things
could get any worse!
Now I live to read, and read to write, -
And that's the way I survive!
The art of living is no mean art, -
But one must choose one’s style of living, -
And embrace this life with thanksgiving!

- Raj Nandy
20 Mar 09
New Delhi

Ritty Patnaik 18 July 2009

raj, ...at this point of life, i think one deserves to do, what one likes best.be it poetry, or painting, or anything else which gives you joy.make the best of it!

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Smiley Hooker 26 June 2009

That's what you call living with a style. And I like your style, dear poet. Very natural, happy and confident. Well penned! : -)

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Indira Renganathan 25 June 2009

Have something of your own interest....certainly not vicious...for the good art of living...inspiring

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Bob Blackwell 22 June 2009

The art of living must be learnt, perhaps it takes half a life to consider a philosophy that works. However once on this road, the bumps grow softer as our journey's progress on lifes map gets older, then they begin to peter out. It was then the joy of life, through meditation and closer contact with God, true happiness came. So like you I sit I read, I write, I read some more, I study natures beauty and of course I read and write poetry. Raj, perhaps our role in life is to pass on those lessons, by writing beautiful poetry like yours. Regards Bob Blackwell

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Kesav Easwaran 22 June 2009

'...I live to read, and read to write, And that's the way I survive! The art of living is no mean art, But one must choose one’s style of living, And embrace this life with thanksgiving! ' Wonderful outlook to have in life...told there in excellent poetic style..good poem, Raj...inspirational...10

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Ritty Patnaik 05 September 2009

raj...it is a beautiful poem, telling us to enrich ourselves, in the art of living, in our own choice, anything which is good for our life and well being.yes, sometimes life overtakes usas you said, and we need to do a little retrospection, , , , and start off again.there is always something to learn in life.lovely write.! ritty

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Raj Nandy 19 August 2009

The second last line of this poem clearly states that one must choose one's style of living, - and make an art out of it! I am happy that this message was understood and also appreciated by the readers; though missed out totally by a senior person like Rakesh Bedi, as brought out by his comments! ! Thanks!

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Sathyanarayana M V S 04 August 2009

Great words of widsom......memorable poem.

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 04 August 2009

wow! Living is a gift!

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Rakesh Bedi 23 July 2009

Sir, don't you think art of living ought to vary from individual to individual? It is very nice to know that you feel blessed and blissful in the company of words; which join to form verses....... regards!

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