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The poet inhales the breath of Autumn,
As sees the withering leaves gently fall;
With an artist’s eye he surveys nature, -
Viewing those trees both short and tall!
For though he has gone grey with age,
That child-like wonder hasn’t left him
at all!
He feels the Autumn through his veins,
While the blood flows as a narrowed stream;
To prevent this flow from getting stemmed,
He takes his daily fix of aspirin!
At night he looks up at the stars,
They appear so near and yet so far!
His prostrate and his senile years, -
Fails to dampen his zest for life and lack
of fear!
He wants to rage like a shooting star, -
Leaving a blazing trail behind;
So one could see its glowing trail,
On a cold and clear wintry night!
All his life he has tried to fathom,
The hidden mysteries of those stars;
Yet they remain inexplicable as fate,
Twinkling in the heavens from far!
Let his words in rhyme remain, -
So when he dies all is not lost;
Even his death rattle be made transparent,
To his readers at any cost !
The widowed readers may shed a tear –
Reading the outpouring of his heart;
And he may be remembered for a while,
When from this world he departs!

-Raj Nandy
New Delhi
27 Feb 09
(**Written after getting inspired by reading the
poems by a Scandinavian Poet!)

Tamara Hanaring A Thought Mate 25 September 2009

loved this poem which has beautiful descrption..that poet who stayed a child in his heart how much he become senile...when he died he leaves a solace for his widdowed readers..his words will wipe their pain...that is a creative say when you mentioned the widdow of the poet whom are his readers, , so well said

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Beauty Philosophy 22 August 2009

A well penned poem with deep thoughts and an accurate description of the poet's role and aspirations.

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Soumyendu Biswas 27 July 2009

Dada... just love it! Inhale those smells forever....

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Nikunj Sharma 22 July 2009

words that are written from heart never go away poets live through their poems they never go away a poet breathes life in death covering two worlds in a single breath..... Hats off....pls read my poem called CAN I BE A POET TOO and WORTH

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The poet inhales the breath of Autumn, As sees the withering leaves gently fall; With an artist’s eye he surveys nature, - Viewing those trees both short and tall! every inch perfect natural...praying for visionto all secrets of life and things around... lovley thought with vast and deep knowledge.. i m ovewhelmed...10 read mine I am disgrace..... yes to to... humble submission and mary to marry

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Heather Wilkins 10 October 2014

the poet feels life differently than most He looks and speaks with his heart excellent poem about the poet

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 22 December 2009

well as you say..a poet tries to keep the child in him alive...the widowed readers..a wonderful relationship you give between the two...this poem is a tribute to poets..one and all...thanks sir

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Eyan Desir 27 November 2009

Well I see you are talking about your self....

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Jean Dament 24 November 2009

You expressed so well here in your lovely poem the life of a poet. Thanks for sharing. Spiritsong

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 23 October 2009

nice write here! By the way, thanks for reading and commenting on my poems.

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