A Slight Mistake Poem by George Hunter

A Slight Mistake

One day while climbing up Mt. Everest
I met a man who was the cleverest.
He was all dressed up in a Yeti suit
With scaly skin and hair to boot.
He sure looked anything but cute.

An Abominable Snowman, what a find!
Real enough to fool some of mankind.
Sure looked the part, as I recall
Something about him Neanderthal.

'If you capture me and take me to town
I'll make you a deal you can't turn down.'
So I cut in my Sherpa for ten percent
Considering it money that was well spent.
Then we waited around for better weather
Then took him down upon a tether.

Put him in a cage in the center of the square
So everyone could see him there.
Charged many rupees if they wanted to see
The wonder of the 21st cent-ur-ee.

He leaped around and acted accursed
And peed and shat, doing his worst.
Acting like only a Big Foot could
With an ancient brain made all of wood.

Couldn't go on forever, although
While it lasted we made a pile of dough
Then a scientific expedition came to scout
And try to find out
What the big fuss was all about.

They examined him well, so there'd be no doubt
Checked him all over, inside and out.
Declared him authentic, by the Saints that be,
But then one little thing they happened to see.
We coulda played this hoax until next spring
But he'd forgotten to remove his West Point Ring.

Nobody but us thought it was very funny
But we made off with a lot of money.
Laughed all the way down to the bank, and
Made great Big Foot prints in the sand.

Brian Jani 15 June 2014

Surely this is a good poem

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Pandian Angelina 02 April 2009

You remind me of Kipling, Long time not many write like him. Good Going!

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