A Sneltzefeet Poem by Julia Luber

A Sneltzefeet

I just want to write a poem about a flower. None of this mantra
on sadistic power. Nothing about strategizing another's demise.
Sugar-coating a sneltzefeet into coming off just a sexy sleeze.

A SNELTZEFEET is a woman who chooses to give love, sex, and affection to a killer,
perhaps it empowers her, perhaps it thrills her. She has other options but they are
not enough of a hypnosis in egotistical corruptions.

A SNELTZEFEET is a person who chooses to be with a killer over its identifier.
Even after being informed, even after being warned. Subjecting her small
children to the killer here and there. To make of its identifier a stroke's fatal smear

campaign calling her crazy and making her feel that way. And so a SNELTZEFEET is not
only a woman who CHOOSES to be with a killer but one who uses the opportunity to
drive other women insane by such choice. She chooses the killer because it has a Rolls Royce.

The SNELTZEFEET only feels ego through humiliating the identifier.She feels like she is dominating and controlling a well meaning incentivizer. The thrill is akin to a castration complex; spading one out through so much traumatic threat and shock causingunrest.

I wonder what happens to SNELTZEFEET'S at death. Perhaps they are denied all reincarnation,
giving love to killers as the heart of their heart's station. Humiliating the nerves to the pitch of a scream- betraying the game and decimating any sense of a team.

Friday, August 9, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: relationships
I had to invent a word for a woman who chooses to give love, sex, affection and parental trust to a killer that she's been informed of because I don't know how to make sense of it.
Jane Campion 09 August 2019

At death we all die eventually oozing into the soil. All religious texts buried writh he deceased end the same way.

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Julia Luber 10 August 2019

I meant it more from a phantasmagoric perspective on a Sneltzefeet; that's technically what it's about- that I had to 'invent' a name for a certain rare kind of person.

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