Territorial Guilt Poem by Julia Luber

Territorial Guilt

Rating: 4.7

For some time between, they live in flux.
Few words, strange gazes, actions either unseen
or far too rough…….
They cast upon each other reflections of themselves.
Their inner strength switched to the haunt:
Strange jealousy, unspoken, of an animal's rarest pelt.

Whose identities to whom were lived in action and not fear?

The women once bedecked such not knowing who.
The stranger ones sometimes were friends, assimilating what the others do.

Some were not so suited to life; living as plain border to die.
The Obvious with their looks amongst each other: Pure and plain sacrifice
of asking, and soon, just wondering: WHY.

And soon enough collective transport lets them be.
Not so alone, all one, so in new form of harmony.

And there they sit as asset as there they are.

Each twinned directive of the same some numbered star.

Sunday, May 26, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: paranormal,social behaviour,social injustice
This poem is the introductory poem to one of the books of my saga series The Afterloch.

Chito Faustino, one of the poets here on PoemHunter encouraged me to post it and I thank him and admire his poetry verymuch.

These are lines of deep reflections on life and the behavioural pattern of human life on earth. The emotions that fills the heart and the intellect that reasons out marks a path to arrive at a decision to enjoy harmony and peace. Very well thought and worded, woven into a beautiful poem. Thank you Julia for sharing it with us. A full score.....10

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Khairul Ahsan 31 March 2020

'They cast upon each other reflections of themselves' - an excellent expression!

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Lovita J R Morang 22 August 2019

New form of harmony,from inner strength, derived from things strange and stranger.Brilliant Julia

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Julia Luber 03 October 2019

I love this strange and stranger intuition. It does keep getting stranger- perfect word for this poem. I love that you can 'hear' the 'strange.' I love your comment!

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A B Faniki 07 August 2019

Insighful poem and lovely flow of words. Thanks for sharing

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Julia Luber 19 August 2019

Thank you A B Faniki. Have you ever looked up the word finicky in the English language? : extremely or excessively nice, exacting, or meticulous in taste or standards!

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Prabir Gayen 18 July 2019

A very deep philosophy...thanks dear poetess///

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Julia Luber 19 August 2019

Prabir, belated thank you for your response. I am glad you see the " philosophy" in this; it was written to a book I wrote that is fiction/philosophy

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Dr Dillip K Swain 13 July 2019

A wonderful poem! I identify following three lines as the epitome of this beautiful work: " They cast upon each other reflections of themselves/Their inner strength switched to the haunt: /Strange jealousy, unspoken, of an animals' rare pelt" . You have selected the right poem on the past page of your poetry book!

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Julia Luber 13 July 2019

It is actually an eponymous work from a fiction novel I wrote six/seven years ago called Territorial Guilt of The Afterloch. I use it as an introduction to the whole 'philosophicall' novel. I am glad you liked that one-

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