A Snowy Scene Poem by Gita Ashok

A Snowy Scene

Rating: 5.0

Mountain slopes clad in snow,
plains and paths covered in snow,
sloping roofs layered with snow,
tall pine trees sprayed with snow,
and fallen pine cones enveloped in snow.
There’s a calm but eerie stillness
and all over - an innocent and pure whiteness...
stretching as far as the eyes can see.

The street, the sidewalk, the children’s park -
all covered by a white carpet.
In the diffuse sunlight
the whiteness does completely reflect.
Little kids leave tiny footprints
on the carpet of snow.
They indulge in snowball fights
from the top of the slide and below.

Red, blue, yellow, orange and green
Snowsuits, mittens and caps
are everywhere seen.
Older children go sledging
on the steep white slopes
on colorful sledges dotting the snowy terrain.
The air is fresh, crisp and cold
Whiteness, whiteness everywhere; behold!

In the midst of all the fun and mirth
Let’s thank Heaven for whitewashing the Earth.

16 June 2010
11: 15 am

Mark Dillon 03 September 2012

A lovely picture. nothing like waking early and seeing that untrodden white blanket across the earth outside.

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Subbaraman N V 25 June 2010

Great! How much i would like to put my footprints, and sledge on the snow a great gift of Nature! A lovely write!

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Gan Chennai 23 June 2010

The poem is really refreshing, even more than looking at Snowy Mountains. Some one is required to wake up our sleeping minds with such wonderful phrases.

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Sreekala Sukumaran 22 June 2010

Found it really interesting as i was reading...lovely write 10+++

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Was really drawn into your poem as I read. Loved the last line! Thank you for an enjoyable read. Well done; D

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