An Ice Cube Poem by Gita Ashok

An Ice Cube

Rating: 4.5

Unassuming, humble and colorless,
with perfect corners and smooth edges,
transparent and with glistening faces,
an ice cube welcomes light rays gleefully.

A perfect geometry model
with absolute stunning symmetry,
an ice cube when held,
gets deformed magically.

An ice cube is –
a miracle in a tropical desert
but a traitor on a hairpin bend.
It is perfectly at home in a freezer
but frenzied near a burning stove.

An ice cube –
a wondrous object of art,
is a savior after a painful surgery.
Leave it out in the sunshine
and see it vanish joyfully.

01 June 2010
6: 00 pm

Preetam Shetty 01 June 2010

Leave it out in the sunshine and see it vanish joyfully. Those last two words vanish joyfully have lot to say

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you are so good. You can write about just anything. And the imaginery part is simple superb! . All the more well penned!

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Gan Chennai 23 June 2010

Good refreshment. Normally few poets only go to unexplored arenas and bring out the content. This poet dares to venture such fields. This mindset makes all the difference. All the Best.

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Amrit Rathi 13 June 2010

A Ice cube made an object of Art by magnificent Imagery of the poet! The poem is precise and simple animating the icecube. I rate 9/10. Thanks.

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Hans Vr 07 June 2010

I like it when a scientist gets poetic. Even a cube of ice has so many meanings and uses very nicely expressed and pleasant for the reader. Go on like this

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Subbaraman N V 06 June 2010

So much on an ice cube! Great! Well crafted!

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