A Storm Is Coming My Way Poem by Thomas Duncky

A Storm Is Coming My Way

Rating: 5.0

There is a storm coming my way
Grey skies have made harbor where it was blue
The fairer wind is here and never blows away
Is soaking in the rain what I have to go through?
My mind races as it tries to find a way
To escape, my heart would love too.
But I guess the storm is here never to stay
Because to rise soon, the sun I bet will do
Then I will smile and have my say
As the rain bow shines in hue.

Patricia Grantham 26 August 2013

Storm clouds will rise and the mighty wind will blow. We will always find cover for this is what we know. The sun will rise and shine so bright and then Some smiles with much grace the Almighty will send. Thanks for sharing.

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Bhavya Vora 28 November 2012

nice work there. this shows the positive attitude and ray of hope is alive even in the darkest of the hour. very good.. keep up the work! !

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Alun Jones 14 February 2012

yea you have talent mate

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Elena Sandu 04 February 2012

Beautiful written with a nice flow, soaked in the rain now and then it's not a bad blow, gives a few shivers but lots of reasons to get the pen and write such nice poems. Thank you for share.

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