Old Wall Clock Poem by Thomas Duncky

Old Wall Clock

Rating: 4.3

Tik tak tok
Goes the old wall clock.
The very same old way it did before.
I wonder if it will do it once more.
After am long gone,
For it has been there ever since I was born.
It has seen my childhood,
All the times I’ve been through; bad and good.
Tak tik tok
Goes the tired and worn out wall clock.
Had it been a human being, it would talk.
Oh poor old wall clock, you never cease to work.
Indicating so many a time for us;
Time to wake, time to pray, time to play and time to work.
Old wall clock, am grateful for everything you did
From reminding me that it was time to eat,
to telling me it was time to retire to bed and sleep.
Tok tik tak
It goes forth and back.
Till daylight turns dark.
Oh dear!
Why’d you have to do this all year?

Khairul Ahsan 09 May 2014

It's a beautiful poem. Looking at the old wall clock, you've revisited its role in your childhood, and imagined its role in the distant future when you will be 'long gone'! So wonderfully done!

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Princess Lilypad 31 August 2013

year after year after year...tick tock it's a terrifying ride that doesn't stop. Well constructed, with a hint of sadness.

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