Thomas Duncky

Thomas Duncky Poems

1. To Those I Love 3/24/2011
2. Maybe 2/3/2012
3. The Rise Of The Giant (A Poem For Africa) 2/3/2012
4. Zarmina 5/10/2012
5. From The Roots Of A Brahman (Siddhartha) 5/10/2012
6. We, Whose Voice Is Less 5/10/2012
7. A Love Lost In Vain 5/10/2012
8. Fragments Of My Heart 9/17/2013
9. Time To End These Blues 9/17/2013
10. My Morning Dew 9/17/2013
11. By And By 9/21/2013
12. If You Wish Me Hell 9/21/2013
13. And To Myself I Speak The Truth 9/21/2013
14. Behold Silver's Got A Gun 9/21/2013
15. Fragments: A Journey Through Nine Lives (Part I) 9/21/2013
16. The Prodigal So Far Gone 9/21/2013
17. I’ll Take You To The Ghetto 9/21/2013
18. Days Like These 9/21/2013
19. The Day Light Will Illuminate My Soul 9/21/2013
20. When The Bells Toll For Me 8/20/2013
21. I Alone 8/25/2013
22. If This Be The Best Of Our Times 10/8/2013
23. Remembering Your Gentle Touch 10/16/2013
24. When I See The Sun 10/16/2013
25. Sacked And Won 10/16/2013
26. A Man Resigned 10/16/2013
27. O Shameful Country Men (Rise And Fight) 1/22/2014
28. Should I Crown You Now? 1/22/2014
29. Summon Me High Virtues! 1/22/2014
30. Time Polarity 1/22/2014
31. Of Vengeance And Forgiviness 1/22/2014
32. Alone On A Cold Winter’s Night! 1/22/2014
33. Listen Now ‘fore I Die 1/22/2014
34. The Dithery Asylum Seeker (Farewell) 3/10/2014
35. To A Lady I Love To Look Upon 3/10/2014
36. Must I Follow You Again? 3/10/2014
37. Epigram On Ghetto Christmas! 3/10/2014
38. Stunned Again 3/22/2014
39. Is There A Place? 3/31/2014
40. O Leech 3/31/2014

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Best Poem of Thomas Duncky

Woman Of Stone

Her legend so untold
Through her life many have walked
As her true story doth unfold
“from our timid fears love weans us” once she wrote.
As if there is gold between her legs she walks.
Been here and there with bigger folks
On special occasions bald she talks.
Like dust she always rises
Higher and higher she flies
Until she finds out why the caged bird sings
She is an angel by virtue of being who she is and not what she is
A mother for the motherless
A scholar so priceless
Like Master Shakespeare she walks in the aisle of bards with great respect.
A ...

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Old Wall Clock

Tik tak tok
Goes the old wall clock.
The very same old way it did before.
I wonder if it will do it once more.
After am long gone,
For it has been there ever since I was born.
It has seen my childhood,
All the times I’ve been through; bad and good.
Tak tik tok

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