Thomas Duncky Poems

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Woman Of Stone

Her legend so untold
Through her life many have walked
As her true story doth unfold
“from our timid fears love weans us” once she wrote.

I Come With Love

Dead sores and bruised toes
Up and down the silent shores
Cuts deep, drilled by poisonous foes
In and out of dungeons and dangerous holes

Walk With Me

In the morning when birds sing from their home
Walk with me and never leave me alone.
In the afternoon when the children play and sing their songs, walk with me.
In the light of the day when darkness has gone to the mountains, don't leave me.

My Train Of Thoughts

I close my eyes and it starts to rain
In that instant my mind flies as I get lost in my brain
My heart tries, over and over to refrain
from these deceiving lies, but am overpowered and get carried away in this train

A Storm Is Coming My Way

There is a storm coming my way
Grey skies have made harbor where it was blue
The fairer wind is here and never blows away
Is soaking in the rain what I have to go through?

For The Lost Verses

Like a childless mother after a miscarriage.
I cry for the verses that i have buried.
Like most of those wise poems
They vanish into thin air

A Flower By All Means

In the morning breezes
When the air almost freezes
Flowers blossom easily

Dew covered and wet

A Nightmare

Darkness falls upon the land.
The night, silent and so dark.
Creatures make noise from their habitats.
I claw into my bed, its time to sleep.

Old Wall Clock

Tik tak tok
Goes the old wall clock.
The very same old way it did before.
I wonder if it will do it once more.

Last Night.

Last nightI fell asleep,
it was a sleep so deep.
And then i had a dream,
so beautiful a dream that i didn't scream.

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