A Success And Failure Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

A Success And Failure

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I try to bite the nails
As nothing succeeds and everything fails
Why I had to retrace steps and fail?
What was the reason I failed to avail?

I have no answer as I am out from then service
I had tried earnestly to fulfill the promise
It was still a big surprise
I was hardly touched by any device

The corruption and under table money is common
In any circumstances it is followed on
This is how one has to face the devil in later years
When unpleasant things are hurled in the ears

The hones officers are put to inconvenience
There is every scope for subservience
Nothing is taken as granted for obedience
They have under go humiliation in their presence

It is tragedy and never heard of in recent months
The task offered to them is big and mammoth
There is likely chance of committing an error
The true answer can be found when you are facing mirror

Anybody can be put into fix for nothing
They have to be axed for something
As they had done enough for the cause
As a result they are suffering because……

I have past memory of under going an ordeal
I felt how a person can be fixed on unreal
What else one can be expected to bear at the end?
When whole of your own circle treat you not as friend

The past memories hunt you as hunter dogs
You see complete dark under the thick fog
The honesty has not paid you in the long run
Only they were after you with trotting gun

Kevin Carney 23 September 2010

Interesting poem, great flow of words. It kept me so interested and made me think honestly I had to read it again. Thank you for sharing.

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