A Thousand Dreams Poem by Hasan Haskovic

A Thousand Dreams

They become another excuse
These self-destructive habits that I've kept
Good deities far prone to misuse
And it is the nights un-slept
I witness the wake of a thousand dreams

No, they do not represent
False wishes nor time unspent
Just relief from living a nightmare
The absence and pressure
That recrystallized this heart into stone

So worry not for only I am to blame
Even the old willow on the bridge can't explain
The tragic turn of events
That I whispered into its bark in pain
And left miracles to tend for themselves

They become another tale
These self-explanatory scars upon my arm
Skies hollowed with stars in nights pale
And it is in the gaze of stars
I witness the wake of a thousand dreams

No, they do not stand for
Verses I've said and meant before
Just a hand prying my face from the ground
The kindness and the hatred
That left me empty as I came

In the emphasis of forgotten times
The leakage of importance and thought
The expiration of promised word that always sublimes

Worry into effort
And effort into failure
It is in the wake of a thousand dreams
With bones protruding from my seams
That I see and I witness
I confess and I repent
Yet never cease and never resent
The truth upon your bare bone

And once you witness it, grab my hand
Join my gaze across the mountain
Towards the promised land

In the wake of a thousand dreams

Shama T. Bukhari 08 October 2013

Towards the promised Land.... Beautiful poetry with very deep thoughts....

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Hasan Haskovic

Hasan Haskovic

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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