A Prayer To My Saint Poem by Hasan Haskovic

A Prayer To My Saint

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To begin with the undeniable
Things I've done wrong
Victories won, hills climbed
Didn't make me strong
Yet it was not done in vain
No matter how hard the strain
The heart beats on, I remain
I remain the same

Playing on my heart strings, a slow melody
Perhaps a bit out of tune, softened by sincerity
Yet somehow it whispers your name
In perfect clarity
Things I've done right
Paths chosen, lost fights
Didn't help me sleep better at night
Isn't it funny?

Suffered today? Enjoy tomorrow.
Muffle the past and silence the sorrow
However rough the hardship might appear
Through the fog it's perfectly clear
I'm there for you, my dear
Every day of the year


Increasingly aware of the things I've done
Having painted the world in gray and shunned everyone
No prayer can cleanse my soul
The way your touch radiates light
Nothing can make me whole
Other than your embrace
And the promise that all is right

Refusing to place my deity upon an altar
In her eyes I may be faulty and I may falter
But she is by my side
Skies may shatter and worlds may collide
Together through it we shall stride
And our unity will never be denied
Not a lie


To end with the irreversible
Things said, deeds concluded
Did not make me sway nor made me deluded
I still have things to be done

I promise, once my path is laid
Once the web is tightly weaved and spun
In our world, handmade

We shall reign as one
As one

Sunday, November 22, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life
James Joseph 22 November 2015

Great poem. It touched me

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Hasan Haskovic

Hasan Haskovic

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