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A Thunderstorm

Rating: 4.1

Whirling from the west,
Madly running without rest,
Sharply, all vests abreast.
Windvanes runs out to the test,
The wind is truly from the west.

As the wind sweeps along the paths,
Like a king trees bow as he pass.
Is this arrival not a world class?
Every lass the mighty tree has,

Falls as the wind proves his class.
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The poem gives us a picture of a storm....the activities of things related to a storm..... 'Lass' in line 8 means leaves.... Line 14 and 15 tells of d change in colour of d atmosphere.....

This has a nice rhyme scheme...Your structure needs some work so that each line will flow smoothly into the next.Hhowever, for the most part it is in synch, and I enjoyed the read...~FjR~.

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Neela Nath Das 30 June 2012

Lovely picture of cloud as mother of rain.Wow!

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Madison Ann 30 June 2012

Good poem_! Last part could use work

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Karen Sinclair 30 June 2012

A lovely write in a traditional form.... enjoyable, well formed and I like that there is much thought in the structure...tyvm.. karen

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Anita Sehgal 07 July 2012

mood for appreciating the beauty of the rains... well created

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Jasbir Chatterjee 07 July 2014

nice poem...I like the way it builds up to the climax towards the end...

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I like your metaphoric expressions particularly, in this poem. Nice write.

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David Wood 07 July 2013

Well done on making member poet of the day, very good imagery used in your poem.

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Simon Odhiambo 11 July 2012

Good use of imagery...I admire this so so so much.

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Karen Sinclair 07 July 2012

Beautifully unusual...pregnant clouds and children engrossed in the weather, singing and dancing...lovely tyvm karen

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