A Visit To The Doctor Poem by Orlando Belo

A Visit To The Doctor

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I was concerned about the time
that it was taking me to pee.
The pressure wasn't what it was,
and it flowed intermittently.

The doctor and I had a few words
about my waterworks situation,
and a blood test was arranged
before her next deliberation.

Seven days after my blood test
and I arrived at my doctor's late.
She gave me an internal examination
and discovered an enlarged prostate.

She arranged a hospital appointment
to confirm what she had diagnosed.
So after several more tests in urology,
a biopsy was finally proposed.

The biopsy sounded kind of scary,
but it was the next course of action.
My concerns were totally unnecessary
because I suffered no pain or reaction.

An appointment in two weeks' time
would determine the results of the test.
The day arrived for the conclusions
and I was feeling pretty low at best.

The doctor appeared to be indifferent,
but then a smile came upon his face.
"The news is your prostate is not cancerous
and an enlarged prostate is commonplace.

However, because your enlarged prostate
is making your urination pressure low.
We can ease that problem by using medication
and we will see you again in six months or so."

Six months later at my follow up appointment
the doctor brought a smile to my face.
He said, "Your prostrate has slightly reduced in size,
so, see you in six months, same time, same place.

Nabakishore Dash 28 December 2021

Thanks that your prostate enlargement is not due to malignancy.So you enjoy your time please.

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David Wood 27 December 2021

That was a personal statement. I hope everything is ok.

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