A Warning To Dissidents Poem by Leo Yankevich

A Warning To Dissidents

Rating: 3.2

Yes, pretty soon now they’ll be at your door.
They’ve orders and a warrant after all.
It doesn’t matter. You’ll be on the floor,
your wife and children having watched you fall.

Just then you’ll notice fallen scraps and crumbs,
the beauty of your startled wife’s pale feet,
the Celtic Crosses on your daughter’s thumbs,
the food above that you will never eat.

Your thoughts will have become a crimson pond
that flows out of your gagged and bleeding head
until you find yourself afloat, beyond
the reach of billyclubs and flying lead.

Patricia Grantham 31 March 2014

So powerfully written but with such intense emotions. Very painful yet engaging. Thought provoking.

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Dennis N. O'brien 16 May 2013

Great poem Mr. Yankevich.

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Sandra Conner 10 November 2012

So strong and graphic - and so necessary for people to understand. Sometimes the names of the countries change - the identity of the tyrants change - the labels of the deadly doctrine that drives them are spelled differently - but the evil root is the same, as is the end result. We must continue to make the truth known. Thank you.

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Cat Tiger 09 July 2009

Speaks strongly of the persecution of Christians during the holocausts.

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Graham Jones 06 March 2006

A very strong and graphic poem well done.

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Leo Yankevich

Leo Yankevich

Farrell, Pennsylvania
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