A World That Doesn’t Care Poem by Cena Rose

A World That Doesn’t Care

Rating: 4.7

I always felt alone.
Even when everyone was there.
No one was on my side
They didn’t know I feared.
I wished I was you
Sitin’ all care-free.
Not all wishes do come true.
For you
Or for me.
In a world where unfair is fair
A friend can be a foe.
Our world is upside-down
And there’s no where to go.
Just look at all the people
No recognition anywhere.
Look how carefree they walk, like you
We live in a world that doesn’t care.

Subbaraman N V 15 June 2008

If every one takes to LOVE ALL SERVE ALL attitude, the world will begin to care!

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Mohammed Albalushi 28 September 2009

wonderful poem dear rose, but there is also bright side in life, +10

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Eyan Desir 30 May 2009

Simple and very nice

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Candace Quinton 06 February 2009

ery good i love itwonderful job keep it up

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Emily Oldham 20 September 2008

You're right, it does feel like that a LOT! well, for me, anyway. maybe it's a poetic flaw - nobody ever seems to take notice of ordinary people or writers and poets, but they do listen to governments. nobody cares about the plain people! thanks Athena :)

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Serenity Prayer 18 June 2008

i really enjoyed reading this poem, not only because its excellent and very well written, but because its so true. very few people care about anything anything anymore. its awful. imagine what the world would be like if everyone cared. im sure itd be alot better. but anywho...very well done. its excellent. keep up the good work.

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