My Suicidal Candy Poem by Cena Rose

My Suicidal Candy

Rating: 5.0

There’s candy everywhere
Littering the floor
My candy openers still here
The bottle’s near the door

And so to open that candy,
The opener had to touch my wrist
And out flowed wonderful things
My Twizzlers, and my Licorice

And it hit the floor
Never stopping, my Licorice spring
So I drank my bottle of wonder potion
That dissolved almost everything

And little pills of chocolate
M&M’s, can’t you see?
A bottle of a magic Fruit Punch
All this candy is for me

More Fruit Roll up
Go down my arm
More white Skittles
They are my charm

And I keep slipping,
With my opener knife
Oh Butterfingers!
Life Savers with no life

Keep ‘em coming hands
More Jub Jubs, more Twix
More chocolate coated apples
Now they are my fix.

And I know what you’re thinking
How can she eat so much candy?
But don’t worry, I won’t be long
But they do come in handy.

Because now I’ve escaped
Now I’ve tricked thee
I’m leaving this awful world
And taking my suicidal candy.

I wrote this because some bad things are happening to me, and i needed to get it out. If you didn't notice, the candy represents something else, but since food has been my recent problem(I don't like to eat) , I wanted to show my previous/recent problem with that problem mixed in. And all of the candy means something else. I just hope everyone gets what i meant....

Leah Michele 06 August 2009

'Candy' as a form of suicide... i love it! I will never look at candy the same

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Leslie Ching 28 January 2009

i love your symbolism...depression and anorexia (is that what you really meant?) mixed together into one meaningful piece, though attempting to commit suicide never helps...excellent write... lc

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Subbaraman N V 28 June 2008

That something else that you desire, will be yours by HIS grace!

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Julie Neises 22 June 2008

I really liked the relationship between a girl wanting candy to the effect depression brings of wanting to end it all. This is definately a 10.

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