Father, I Will Always Be Your Princess Poem by Cena Rose

Father, I Will Always Be Your Princess

Rating: 5.0

With sleep a snore is heard
and a dropp of a hand
On my belly
While thunder screams in my ear

And I sleep with a dream
Of a wonderful person
Who knows no limits
Can touch his little princess, me

I remember falling,
But suddenly had I looked up
And with big arms
I was swept up and loved

I remember his sweet kiss on my forhead
His smell of colonge
His look of being happy
His big smile making my tears fall away

I remember his words when I was down
His encouragement to get up
He had shown me a way
But he knew I must go alone

I remember his goady laugh
The one that made me smile
No matter how mad he made me
I just couldn't resist

I remember his saying
'You are my Princess'
And I knew forever more
I could have everything

But I remember when times were hard
And I thought I needed him
And he shook his head, No
And I understood

I remember when she said no
And I ran crying to you
Smiling, I ended doing what she said
With a mouthful of candy

And then I realized
As time flew faster
I grew older in that sleep
As memories condensed

Finally, my wisened eyes met your closed ones
And I saw that smile through your sleep
And I got off that bed
And when you frowned with closed eyes

I whispered 'I will always be your princess'
And you smiled.

Subbaraman N V 15 June 2008

A great encomium to a beloved father!

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Shane Clift 18 June 2008

This is beautiful, thank you!

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Jack Prost 16 February 2009

A well done tribute to a great man from his loving and talented daughter. This one I will remember.

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Tanya Stanford 30 August 2008

You are privaledged to have a father like this and him a daughter for thinks so highly of him. Beautiful emotional poem. Loved it

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Greenwolfe 1962 29 August 2008

I try never to shed a tear when I read these, but it never works. I always do. I have to give them 10's too. I can't help that either. Though I genuinely feel this one deserved it. I'll take it as a favorite. GW62

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Colin Jeffery 24 August 2008

What moving poem of daughter and father love. Brilliant

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wow...how lovely. every stanza kept me enraptured.

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