Pink Pyjama Party? Poem by Stephen Katona

Pink Pyjama Party?

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Now what would you think,
Of a party all pink,
With pink iguanas,
Dressed in pink pyjamas?
Guests as big as an elephant,
Their size quite irrelevant,
As long as they've the right hue,
Just remember dyes are taboo.
Their skin must be real,
To join in our meal.
The frogs can eat slugs,
And all kinds of bugs,
Like the dragon millipede,
Which is dangerous indeed.
Would it be so shocking,
When flamingoes come flocking?
Do you think I'm shallow,
To eat only marshmallow?
We'll set you a place,
If you have a pink face.

'I think, ' said a dolphin called pinky,
'This is all rather stinky.
We may look quite bizarre,
But colour is not who we are.
Our skin is only one part,
Look at others hearts,
And get to know their minds,
Then you'll find,
That it's best to be kind.
Tell everyone alive,
They can just arrive,
With their own sort of jive.
The more different their dance,
The better to enhance.
Teach us something new,
Follow a different avenue.
What might seem strange,
Can help us to change.
A party for all,
Would be a ball.'

Pink Pyjama Party?
Thursday, July 10, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: race
In 2009 an albino dolphin called Pinky was seen in Calcasieu Lake in Louisiana. The Dragon Millipede is bright pink and produces cyanide to protect itself. I was thinking of the pink faced bald Vakari monkey from the Amazon basin at the end of the first verse. Pink iguanas have been found on Wolf Volcano, on Isabela Island, one of the Galapagos islands. Pink slugs can be found on Mount Kaputas in Australia. A pink baby elephant was found in Burma in 2012. Flamingoes get a lot of their colour from the shrimp they eat.
Lorraine Colon 11 July 2014

Nature never ceases to amaze. And your poems are amazing.... so enchanting.

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 11 July 2014

you write such lovely episodes about our more humane friends.

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Susy Evelyne 21 July 2014

I agree with Jacqueline and Pradip - you draw on your amazing knowledge of animals to show us how wonderful life could be. This pink party would be fab & please invite me! Favourite lines: shallow/marshmallow!

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Heather Wilkins 17 October 2014

a nice pink animal party a party for all would be a ball

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Bri Edwards 12 November 2016

if i were the mouse or frog, i would take a few steps AWAY FROM the larger beasts! bri :)

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Ruth Walters 01 June 2015

I love this poem.......great stuff.

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Ruth Walters 01 June 2015

I just love this poem and the explanation above. Great stuff!

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Valsa George 29 April 2015

Your knowledge of animals is just amazing Stephen! Through this interesting poem, you have affirmed the fact that colour is only skin deep! The real worth lies somewhere deeper and we should have eyes to see it. Entertaining and edifying! Thanks!

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Stephen Katona 29 April 2015

Thank you Valsa. You've inspired me to upload one of the cartoons that go with this poem. I started off wanting to write a poem about an albino dolphin that looks pink and wondered if there were any other weird bright pink creatures in the world. After writing the first verse I did not like what I had created and felt compelled to write the second verse. It's strange how poems sometimes just evolve into something more powerful and worthy than originally intended.

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Bri Edwards 11 April 2015

J. Nash shares some good words, below. i like the rhyming, the story, and the human philosophy? ANY color of ink, be it blue or pink, can be good or bad, I think you know; ....... I'm glad. To MyPoemList, for its humanitarian leaning. bri :)

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