A Year Ago Today Poem by Jeremy Williams

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Jeremy Williams

Birmingham, England

A Year Ago Today

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It was a year ago today
We went our seperate ways
Strange now to think
That there could have been
A you and a me
The way we are now
Seems more natural somehow
It wasn't meant to be
But without that little fling
We would never have seen
The potential in each other
To be friends and not lovers

Linda Preston 18 July 2005

This is a nice poem Jeremy - I'm not really a fan of rhyming couplets especially if it's rhyme at all costs: }

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Konjit Berhane 10 February 2008

one of the Greatests Simplest and expressive poems i have ever read thanx for sharin and hope all goes well in ur life koni

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Jeremy, I like the fact you waste no words here; theres no deadwood. What I miss is a heightening of the language, either through specific images or fewer abstract words. The poems a little vague. Who do you read? I dont believe aspiring poets can improve unless they immerse themselves in the best contemporaries. Have you read Craig Raine? Try him. Or read Seamus Heaney, the Irish poet. They do good things with imagery, something you might benefit from reading. P-Snob

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Madeline Fazio 18 July 2005

I really like this one, I like the story that it tells, and the way that you wrote it is so simple yet beautiful. Good Job

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Matthew Jenkins 18 July 2005

I have a poem similar to that that I haven't posted on here. Good one. I really liked it.

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Samuel Nze 18 July 2005

This is a good and short poem. It has a rich flavour and a smashingly beautiful ending. I do like it. Good work, Jeremy.

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Jeremy Williams

Birmingham, England
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