A4) Unwrap Yourself (Moments When We Felt As One) Poem by Bill Smith

A4) Unwrap Yourself (Moments When We Felt As One)

Rating: 5.0

Unwrap yourself from you
Come out from within your own shadow
There’s more to the world than me, me, me
Someone else might just be right
Someone else may have a valid point of view
Someone else might share the crystal vision you aspire to

Unwrap yourself from you
Look deeper into the one way mirror
Don’t burn every bridge built for you with loving hands
The answers are’nt in your head alone
They won’t be found in geographical juggling
There is no comfort in a different coloured jigsaw piece

Loneliness will follow you amidst temporary friends
Shrink your horizons to manageable proportions
Where what if’s remain dreams and what can be’s take centre stage
Realise that who you are is enough for now
And who you want someone else to be is false hope hanging on the hook of selfish
Accept there are two sides to every tear and yours may not be falling from the higher ground

Look into my eyes and consider this
They look at you with words unspoken
While yours cry tears for the past, looking neither left nor right
Consider this when you cry wolf and spread the silver foil of emotional blackmail
I am just a man filled with self doubt unable to comprehend the facts presented
A man whose life is blighted by insecurities which kill all emotion but one

Unwrap yourself from you for a millisecond and look beyond recriminations
Put aside the weighted dice, the games of chance, walk on pavement cracks, dally under ladders
Take my offered hand without the need to bite, gnawing on a bone of importance
History will repeat itself, life will carry on, pain will ride its cycle of destruction
Over everything we once held dear until the only thing that remains
Is what we once had in moments when we felt as one

Those moments few and far between when a breath would fight for space
Where body heat fuelled contented sighs, tangled feet fought for cool air
Words became superfluous, touch the only sensation that mattered
Those dry eye moments where arms were love and affection not solace
Unwrap yourself from you
Into moments where we felt as one

Anita Atina 10 February 2008

Bill, This is indeed a discovery. To find a poem so eloquent, so honest and so wonderfully emotional is rare. The ability see reality from the others perspective difficult. Great work of art this poem is. Warm regards, Anita

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Mick Law 03 February 2008

Bill what a beautifull and tragic poem, it is so honest and so piercing. Who is she, may I ask? Read Brian Patten's 'doubt shall not put an end to you' it will remind you of the time when the love was new, vibrant and naughty! Mick

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Mary Gordley 01 February 2008

Bill, this is a fabulous write. You lead the reader's mind on so many new and interesting paths. This one poem provides so much area for exploration and ideas for consideration. Thank you.

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