(aaa) Law Of The Beasts Poem by Edwin Alba Empestan

(aaa) Law Of The Beasts

Rating: 2.7

The day has arrived when arrogance and greed will stand
Testing their might, force and power to bully a weak one
Attacking without warning killing all kinds of human on their way
Civilians, men, women, old, young and children, animals and all

No mercy now except thinking they are right and have the right to kill
Marauding each village, looting and killing indiscriminately
Their reason, kill before they kill us no mercy just kill and think later
Modern Barbarians on the loose no heed for the Lion’s laws

Warning from the Supreme Body is not followed or was discarded
Thinking they are the Bears that will be feared even by the Eagles
Weak nation no match for their tanks as much as your eyes can see
The leader Sheep as a wimp asking help from strong but with no response

For a help will detonate the powder keg and Armageddon will start
Survival of the fittest and testing might to the ultimate will soon ensue
Leaders of Bears for destruction so proud of their might laughing and feeling great
Getting what they want to be untouchables in the arena of war and destruction

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