(aaa) Women Why I Cannot Forget Them? Poem by Edwin Alba Empestan

(aaa) Women Why I Cannot Forget Them?

Rating: 2.6

You make it stop...you step up and sit besides me and push more for space
The engines goes again and your long lovely hair touches my face
So sweet the smell of your fresh hair like lovely sweet scent of flowers
Your silky white face reflects the young age of a lovely lass full of life

I can't seem to move as I feel the closeness of your legs just besides mine
I can't just breath freely as if something is holding them while i'm next to you
Seeing your firm breast signal a confirmation of a well endowed woman
And the more I look at it the more I began breathing with a silent sigh

The black almonds pair of eyes with long curve eyelashes just brightly sparkles
Signifies true innocence and clean, warm and loving hearts, for a desirous man
Tell me how can I move freely and naturally if you get struck on this situation
Tell me if you could talk to her and how can I utter words for her to response

I become numb, hard inside and I was totally lost into oblivion of a quaint desire
I was tongue tied, cannot get my grip, lost and become so naïve not to say a word
Finally I just opened my mouth, look at her and say is the market still far from here
She smile sweetly to me and say a little more distant from here and I am going there

What a relief and her voice is so sweet like one of the angels singing in a choir
I began to gain more momentum and now talking to her as if I know her well
Just like one fool we alight our jeepney bid goodbye, wish her well and say good day
I know I didn't get or ask her whereabouts for I'm sure she'll be in love with me if I did

But I know I can't do it more now for I have you in my life my precious lady my love
I had made a promise to myself to stop playing games with beautiful women
For sure tears will only be there for them to shed and I can't afford to give them for now
With a lot of them that's been in my life I always ask my self Why I Can't Forget Them?

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