(aam) Priests Are They For Real? Poem by Edwin Alba Empestan

(aam) Priests Are They For Real?

Rating: 4.5

So alas! I found my faith gets troubled
So despair the feeling gets boggled
So confused by their outfit and weird appearances
So disturbing and confusing to my normal senses

Priests oh! Priests full of pretenses and disguises
Go away! and seek your own identities and true manteaus
Go away! and do not utter and act like God’s sent Saints
For there is no truth to what you are trying to paint

Be truthful and face your true identity
Do not use the true meaning of God’s tranquility
For now your flocks are being challenge by society
As false prophets full of deviation from norms of a Deity

Be brave and learn not to accept celibacy as one of the truths
It is not a way to Sainthood but rather one of the mistruths
Time for a change as the world begs to heed a normal life
After all “YOU” are all human that needs to live a human life

Jester's P 11 May 2008

The poem is a portrait of bravery in asking question about faith in relation to the ministers’ way of life and appearance. I must say the “Priests, Are They For Real? ” is an invitation for those who commit them selves to the ministry as priests to ask themselves “am I for real? ” However, the poem could also be a medium for us (not priests) to ask our selves “what is my contribution in helping the ministers to live their life according to what is expected of them” (at least according to my knowledge about the catholic priest) . And another thing about the question “…are they for real? ” allow me to say this- priests are human being like us which means they are limited and weak like all of us. Therefore they need our help and support for them to do their ministry. Now if some deviate to what is expected of them, it’s their issue to be faced, not “me” to be their judge because my faith is directed to God not to them. They are one of the many instruments of God to help me in my journey towards holiness and like wise we are to them. The poem is great and very strong. All the best

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Dimitris(Jimmy) Psachos 04 November 2007

Hollowed portrait of the recent puritanism of the clergy....supreme accuracy! ! But the finale about the command to matrimony.....kinda weak.

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