Shireen Ramadan

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Aborted Ism - Poem by Shireen Ramadan

Death has cursed us to live
In simple phases & automised lines
Bulimias upon the name ov labour
Eating upon my own from sameness
Feel me death, why've you cursed me?
With your electric shock in wrong systems
In flesh I be the word ov machinery
I raised from death to eat me conscious
Why've you spoken a spell ov globes?
Elites dismantled from the first living
Living organisms in the grand tree ov death
Fading zigzags in a gradual electric
Electrolysis having smaller traces
Again & again until your termination
Carbon fades from strong to wrong
To end at last in the line ov nihilism
We're nothingness upon a decomposed
Which raised in blackness ov a splendid ending
Voluptuous fiery & split to death vomitting
Becoming bacterialised in rocks & entities
To spin the chemicals & breed the elements
Rotting from an abortion to oxygen
Smaller traces to begin until an end
As if death is a patient overcoming illness
Whether illness ov will or whether by consent
But not consciously systemised nor maneouvred
We're suckles looking suggestively
Vertebras ov legacy & smaller sensors & limbs
Cavities to devour in a matter ov deduction
But don't believe in them nor their lies ov becoming
From hence I conceived our maladies ov living
Not from their Eve nor the curse ov Cain
But as we come from a surviving dismantled
To feed the same greed ov remain.
The pleasures ov breeding but not adour
Aborted ism in a saga nihilist
Holding blood ov fear from a real cause ov creation
Which is decay that we abhor
Organisms upon immense globes ov name
Complicated in every sense ov hidden
Black circles absorbing credibilities & matters
To suck us dead & slaughter another shocks ov living
That when we die in no truthful bond
Smelly petrified to nourish maggots ov grave
Smaller zigzags again & again
Until all vanish in no useful gain.
Aborted ism do they hold in mind
The real sinful phantasm ov hurtful creeds
Adopting diversity ov better & worse
The chosen disciples & God's deputies on Earth
Claiming upon humbug ov crimson devil

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